The word painting is defined as the expression of ideas and emotions, with the creation of certain aesthetic qualities, in a two -dimensional visual language. I paint using the following techniques and media- watercolor, oil, oil and cold wax, silk painting and alcohol inks.

  • Watercolor uses pigment mixed with water and watercolor paper is the support .
  • Oil painting uses oil based pigments that can be mixed with a medium and canvas is usually the support.
  • Oil paints can also be mixed with cold wax to give the paint texture and more definition and canvas or wood is usually the support.
  • Raw silk can be dyed and painted on after stretching on an open frame then mounted to a canvas or used as a wall hanging.
  • Alcohol Ink is a colorful, acid free medium that usually uses Yupo paper for a support but can also be applied to glass or ceramics.
  • “Painting is also done using things like found objects, altered paper, and other two-dimensional materials.

The paintings below are examples of these different medias.

My Work