November Blog 2022-
Patagonia Art Walk

By Jill Lawrence

Out in the studio one fall day I removed a painting from a shelf. The image had been leaning against the cement block wall.


Two Lizards

Two Lizards getting ready for winter hibernation.

Lizards are welcome residents in my studio. Their antics are fun to watch, (including push-ups), and they eat pesky insects. I am always rescuing them from Lily who does not understand she harms them when she chases them and puts her paw playfully on their backs.


Friends and family have been trying to convince me to have a booth at an art fair.

I love the Sky Island area in southern Arizona. Since I already have paintings for sale at The Patagonia Trading Post, I decided to have a booth at the Thanksgiving Weekend Art Walk.


Planning a booth, gathering all the essentials for display, deciding what artwork to bring, is a lot of work. Thank goodness for YouTube. Watched all the “how to” videos. Adele told me “I’m great at closing sales, I will come help”. Rick told me “I will help and take care of the money ”. Sooz told me “I have a tent, have done this many times, and give good advice”. Ro told me “I will photograph your images”. Diedre told me “I have tables and I will come”. The best advice I received was “do this and have fun, you will get to meet people and talk to them about your art”. And… “don’t make this too complicated, as you are prone to do”!


So, if you are curious about the Sky Island area of Southern Arizona, want to see my art, come to The Patagonia Art Walk on Thanksgiving weekend. The area also has wonderful vineyards and wine tasting. There is great hiking and bird watching. There are many funky fun things to do, great shops, and a lovely diverse community to explore. Have an adventure.


 The lizards found a new place in the studio to hibernate. They are resourceful. If they are able to create art by climbing walls, I guess I can do an art fair booth!