July Blog 2022-
Simple Pleasures in Time of Turmoil

By Jill Lawrence

Blue Door

Simple Pleasures in Time of Turmoil

For me simple pleasure often involves loving color and form. Color and form of flowers, trees, all growing and living things and beings. Garden flowers in a blue vase, painting the front door to the cabin blue, working with paints and glass in the studio. Reading a good book and seeing the colors and forms of the story in my imagination. These are only a few examples of simple pleasures. Many simple pleasures also involve relationships and having fun, playing with creativity.


The trouble comes with balancing the enjoyment of simple pleasures within the mix of the pain and turmoil so present in the world.  The hard emotional work that processing turmoil requires can rob us of simple pleasures and even induce guilt about enjoying anything.


Philosophers, spiritual leaders, authors, artists, medical professionals, and other society leaders have taught about balance for millennia. Balancing work and play is one aspect of the simplicity of their message. The importance of not over emphasizing one at the expense of the other.


Ah, here comes the crux of the matter. Choice. What we choose to see, what we choose to ignore or deny, what we choose as the truth of the matter at hand. Lawyers use the term “willful ignorance” in describing those who are presented with evidence and still choose to deny, disparage, destroy, and lie anyway. We choose how and what to think, how to play, how to work, and how to interact with the world’s turmoil.


Experiencing art in any form has the potential to bring balance, to bring work and play together. The color and the form our critical thinking takes often begins in art. Art challenges perceptions, offers diversity, and can change the way we face turmoil. In other words, art can change what and how we experience what life brings. Creativity and imagination give dimension to both work and play, turmoil and pleasure, joy and pain.

Art works.