About HerStory

Five years ago, I retired from hospice nursing, and decided the time was now for making art full time. I love working in a wide variety of media – painting, fiber art, stained glass mosaic, and mixed media.   I love learning new ways of making images. Pencil Pine Studio has a glass garage door facing north and a large picture window facing east. I often look up from my table and see Elk or Deer in the yard. 

One of my favorite things in art making is figuring out what to do with the “mistakes”. Art seems to have a mind of its own! What you intend to create isn’t always what you do create. “The Art of Mistakes, Unexpected Painting Techniques and the Practice of Creative Thinking” by Melanie Rothschild is a great inspiration book. Her chapter – The Art Police Do Not Have the Authority to Arrest You – says it all.

Everyone has an inner critic. A great way to silence your inner critic is to always be updating your mind’s eye image of who he is and what he means to your creativity. I think of mine as a huge roaring lion prowling around looking for prey to devour! He’s especially fierce when I make “mistakes”. Good thing I’ve learned the hard way how to tame him. By seeing him, I take away some of his power. By making mistakes and figuring out what to do with them I work through the wonderful process of making art.

My best advice is – learn to ignore the art police. The ones that say – you can’t do that – or – that’s not art – or – you can’t draw. It’s like what Picasso says – “Go and do the things you can’t. This is how you get to do them.”

Artist // Owner

Jill Lawrence

I love playing around with words and definitions. Often the words will come before the images either through poetry, journal entries, or short essays. My favorite work is organic and conceptual. It starts with an idea or a response to something going on in my life or in the world. My mind always seems to go the bottom line. What’s the point?