Fiber Art

Fiber can be used to create fun and colorful fiber art. Fibers are also great to work with because they are so versatile and come in a variety of different forms. An example of this is Silk Fusion.

Using silk fibers and fabric medium you can create beautiful fabrics and papers to use in paintings and collage work. The process involves stretching and pulling the silk roving (looks like silk yarn) unto a screen. The fibers are layered and then secured with a medium (glue) like fabric medium. Once dried the piece is removed from the screen and ready to use and alter in a variety of ways.

Raw silk can be stretched across a frame and painted or dyed with silk dyes and paints. For an example go to the Liturgical Art tab to see “The Crab Nebula”

Fiber Pieces are able to be altered in several ways. They can be used in collage or quilted and embroidered. In the examples here my sister, Diedre Duncan, quilted the fabric before framing.