Liturgical Art

Liturgical Art The original meaning of the word liturgy is the “work of the people”. Many spiritual practices have a form of liturgy they use in worship services. Liturgy is like an algorithm for a spiritual gathering of people. The idea of liturgy being the people’s work connotes participation and involvement. It is an experience […]

Commission Work and Gallery info

Commission Work and Gallery Inquiries Date How does it work? Set your budget, describe your perfect artwork and set a completion date. We will then accept your offer or contact you via email to further discuss your requirements. You can even upload images for inspiration. Once accepted, you pay the deposit to get ball rolling […]

Art Therapy

Art Therapy During the 1990’s I met a wonderful group of people who were interested in taking the process of art making to nonprofit organizations. The goal was to show the organizations how to develop their own art programs and get them started through hosting workshops. A grant was written through two University of Wisconsin […]

An Artist Looks at Prayer

An Artist Looks at Prayer Liturgical Art Installation – By: Jill Lawrence Date In early 2016, nearly twenty years after first hearing an Aramaic translation of The Lord’s Prayer, I began creating visual representations for each petition.  Aramaic is the language Jesus spoke. It is a language of rich imagery. The process started by writing […]


“Go and do the things you can’t. This is how you get to do them.” Pablo Picasso About herstory Five years ago, I retired from hospice nursing, and decided the time was now for making art full time. I love working in a wide variety of media – painting, fiber art, stained glass mosaic, and […]

Mixed media

mixed media Mixed Media means simply using a variety of art materials together. One way is collage (cutting up and securing disparate pieces and gluing them together on a support). The material can be something as simple as images from magazines or a found object. The surface can then be drawn on, painted over, or […]

Fiber art

Fiber Art Fiber can be used to create fun and colorful fiber art. Fibers are also great to work with because they are so versatile and come in a variety of different forms. An example of this is Silk Fusion.  Using silk fibers and fabric medium you can create beautiful fabrics and papers to use […]


Alcohol ink painting Alcohol ink is a colorful, acid-free medium that’s a blast to paint with. The ink is capable of creating colorful abstract collages or more intricate paintings. There are a variety of different techniques you can use to manipulate the alcohol ink in imaginative ways. If you get the right materials and use […]