December 2022 – A Solstice Tree

Solstice tree

December Blog 2022- Solstice Tree By Jill Lawrence The Patagonia Arizona Art Walk was so much fun. Being with a group of artists, meeting new people, sharing art stories, hearing the feedback for my artwork, was a great experience. For those of us who are readers and love Louise Penney’s tales of Three Pines, I […]

November 2022 – Patagonia Art Walk

Two Lizards

November Blog 2022- Patagonia Art Walk By Jill Lawrence Out in the studio one fall day I removed a painting from a shelf. The image had been leaning against the cement block wall. Surprise!  Two Lizards getting ready for winter hibernation. Lizards are welcome residents in my studio. Their antics are fun to watch, (including […]

October Blog 2022 – Pick a Memory

October Blog 2022- Pick a Memory By Jill Lawrence I ponder a lot about memory. I’m thinking about it now because I have been having these vivid dreams every night. The dreams sometimes include people and events from my past. These “memories” are changed, added to, subtracted from, and made a new memory. They are […]

September Blog 2022 – Reflections

Reflections Egret

September Blog 2022- Reflections By Jill Lawrence In this Stained-Glass Mosaic an Egret is reflected in the water while hunting for food. I love the way glass art changes depending on the light available for reflection. The light available for reflection, this is what I am pondering. Reflection- noun -1. the throwing back by a […]

August Blog 2022 – A Lifelong Love Affair

Cloud Cuckoo Land Painting_edited-1

August Blog 2022- A Lifelong Love Affair By Jill Lawrence The affair began in my teens. As a kid my family moved on the average of every three years. I left friends, I left family, I left places special to my childhood and played (worked) hard to find the new. Had to find new friends, […]

July Blog 2022 – Simple Pleasures in Time of Turmoil

Blue Door

July Blog 2022- Simple Pleasures in Time of Turmoil By Jill Lawrence Simple Pleasures in Time of Turmoil For me simple pleasure often involves loving color and form. Color and form of flowers, trees, all growing and living things and beings. Garden flowers in a blue vase, painting the front door to the cabin blue, […]

June Blog 2022 – There is Always a Point of Connection

June Blog

June Blog 2022 – There is Always a Point of Connection By Jill Lawrence The things that divide us from one another seem so trivial when you consider the things that unite us as human beings. Why so much anger, so much despair, so much violence? Here is the answer from poet Robinson Jeffers – […]