When I moved to the mountains my cabin had #2 pencil color doors and molding throughout the home in every room. The cabin sits in a place of Ponderosa Pine trees.  I began making lists, recording ideas to design a studio building, using a #2 pencil. I thought what a perfect name for the studio – Pencil Pine Studio. The pencil itself speaks to writing, drawing, crossing out, erasing, and most important, the point. The pines make a wonderful sound in the wind, smell clean and fresh, and speak of wonder. A jar holding sharpened pencils invites you to create something. Walking in the pines invites you to consider life- another important point.


I believe art making is for everyone. My vision for you is that the images you see here invite you to create something. What tools you use is up to you. #2 pencils are a good way to start. Write your ideas, doodle your ideas, and discover in the creating – What’s the point?

Jill Pine Art Studio in Pine, AZ (pictured)